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17 weird ways to say weird

Unconventional or
avant-garde. This use began as jazz slang in the early 1950s. The word is also used informally to mean excellent.

Slightly risqué or indecent
, also applied arbitrarily to things which are bizarre, interesting, or unusual in some other way. The word is often attributed to British writer Victor Neuburg (1883–1940).

Unusual and startling
, or beyond the bounds of what is usual or considered correct and proper. The word comes from the French word outrer, which means ‘to go beyond limits, to push to excess.’

Odd, weird, ‘freaky’
. The word comes from zonked, which means ‘intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.’

Bizarre or crazy
. The word is often associated with gonzo journalism, which treats nonfictional topics with an exaggerated, subjective, and fictionalized style.

Mondo bizarre
Very bizarre or tastelessly bizarre
. The term comes from 1966 American film Mondo Bizarro, which was inspired by 1961 Italian film Mondo cane. These ‘Mondo’ films depicted cultural practices around the world in a disorienting, kaleidoscopic fashion.

Looking or sounding bizarre or unfamiliar.
The original sense of the word referred to something (or someone) ‘of or belonging to a foreign country’, literally ‘out of this land’.

Peculiar or individual.
The word comes from Greek idiosunkrasia, from idios ‘own, private’ + sun ‘with’ + krasis ‘mixture’.

Amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic
. Zany ultimately comes from the Italian zani (or zanni), the name of servants who act as clowns in the Italian commedia dell’arte theatre.

Amusingly eccentric.
The word can also refer to something ‘done or thought up without considering the consequences’, or, as a noun, to someone who is eccentric or reckless.

Unconventional or unusual
. In musical terminology, offbeat refers to a musical element that does not coincide with the musical beats that are usually emphasized.

Funny or amusing
in a slightly odd or peculiar way. Wacky ultimately comes from the word whack, ‘to strike or beat vigorously.’

Off the wall
Eccentric or unconventional
. This term can also refer to someone who is angry, or an accusation or statement that is without basis or foundation.

Crazy or eccentric
. You might also use flaky to refer to your pie crust, or an unreliable device or piece of software.

Odd or peculiar
. An informal British sense of the word, the word is somewhat dated, but still worth trying out!

Amusing or strange
, used to distinguish the two main senses of ‘funny’. How do you mean funny? When something isn’t funny-ha-ha, then it may be funny-peculiar.

Bizarre or grotesque.
The word can also refer to something ‘capricious or whimsical,’ as when someone refers to the ‘freakish weather’.

(Quelle: OUP Oxford University Press) 

Weird= komisch, sonderbar, seltsam, merkwürdig, gruselig, fremd, bizarr, eigenartig, abstrus, grotesk, absurd etc.